Global Society start huge Solar Energy Project in African Desert Sahara now!

© 2020, Michael Trösch alias FarbigeWelt alias quantenkristall

If global society really wants to change current use of fossil energy the society would start a huge solar project with available technology to harvest plenty enough energy from sun. This project would be placed in deserts like Sahara in Africa. The solar panels would be placed on columns 50 m above ground to spend shadow. The electric power would first used to generate fossil fuel like organics from carbon dioxide and water out of air or transported from old power station in large containers. Later or better parallel hydrogen would be produced to support a new economy trait.
Okay, this immense project requires a lot if money, maybe half a trillion dollars to plant thousands of square kilometers solar panel. Side effect of project would be money for the poorest of the poor and farming in the shadow of the solar panels.
Why does global society hesitate❓❓
There is more than enough money to start this immense project right now‼️‼️
This project has the ability to keep our economy running as we are used to do, not only reduce carbon dioxide exhaustion but really reduce it in the atmosphere and further has a progressive impact to change fossil economy to green hydrogen economy. Looking at space races latter is increasingly important❗️

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