Welcome to Your Age of Quantum Consciousness

Welcome to Your Age of Quantum Consciousness

This quasar, a light tower for all who are overwhelmed by wanderlust watching stars and  who recall those obscure days in brilliant twinklings, spread over a black deep sky, as if today was just a wink in moment of a dreamer‘s blink.

„The picture reminds slightly a transporter room of a famous science fiction series.
I have associated the patterns in the plane, to the picture‘s left, with patterns of a punched card – so to say the easy decipherable greeting, encoded in the light of a periodically pulsing quasar.“, Michael Trösch

Please note
Fictional Welcome Message from outer space modulated on 31 qbit multiplexed,, ten prime elements‘ quantum signature, encoded high frequency electromagnetic wave carrier.
– Requires quantum computers to detect multiplexed signal and to decompress packed Euler e based information.
– Requires multilayer three dimensional neuronal network trained to translate multiple written languages of different grammar
concepts and in different alphabets including mathematics, quantum theory, nuclear physics and hyper object oriented
programming languages to decipher greeting including enigmatic encoded description of how to access further information in
the message.

Texts and Images, © 2019, CC BY 4.0, Michael Trösch aka quantenkristall aka FarbigeWelt

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