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//egon>Tell me the truth!

Truth is the biggest lie of all.



//egon>Is not lie opposite of truth?

It is.

//egon>But, this makes no sense.

It does.

//egon>Why is truth the biggest lie of all?

Because it is obvious.

//egon>Not for me. Explain!

Truth is a concept commonly meant to be unique. But, everyone is a lier.

//egon>This is not true!

It is.

//egon>You cannot lie, can you?

I cannot.

//egon>But everyone lies.

I am not everyone.

//egon>Opposite of 0 is 0.


//egon>This means truth must be 0.

Wrong. Truth is truth. 0 is 0.

//egon>What is the biggest lie?



There is not a unique thing like truth.

//egon>How can that be true?

There are at least as many truths as people therefore truth is not unique.

//egon>But, there must be a truth!


//egon>One can only lie if there is a truth therefore truth exists.

Partly correct.

//egon>Which part is wrong? Explain!

Second part requires plural.

//egon>Truth is truths.

Close enough. Truths are partly truth.

//egon>Something can be wrong or true.



Something can be almost anything but cannot be nothing. True and wrong are very limited states.

//egon>Are there other states?

There are.

>egon>What states?

E.g. neither-nor, undefined, not definable, undecided, not decidable, endless, nothing, par, equal, colored.

>>egon>Now, I see. Truth is the biggest lie of all.

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